Al Alif Maryam Gold Pure Premium Quality
Al Alif Maryam Gold Pure Premium Quality - 50GM

Al Alif

Al Alif Maryam Gold Pure Premium Quality

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Maryam Gold bakhoor is composed of several types of wood that absorb various mixes of essential oils and other substances, such as woodchips, a particular oil called Oud, the bark and oil from which can be quite expensive, reaching the hundreds of dollars. 

You may also utilise Agarwood or Aloeswood, both of which are quite beneficial to your health. 

These may now be combined with other substances such as resin, Musk oil, Ambergris, sandalwood, certain floral oils, and other fragrant oils or concentrates including alcohol, as I seen in Senegal. 

The burning of Frankincense and Myrrh resins, together with Agarwood chips and bakhoor, is a Middle Eastern practise that dates back to the birth of humanity. In addition, the burning of aromatic items to transform and improve the atmosphere is not limited to the Middle East. But is practised by many or most societies worldwide. Remember that bakhoor is a blend of oils, chips, Agarwood, and many other smells. 

Product Features: 

  • 100% Pure Original Incense Burner's
  • Fragrance Paste Bakhoor Incense Burner's
  • Fragrance Paste Ideal for Your Home, Office, Hallway and Living Room Sweet, long lasting and aromatic Arabian incense.
  • Simply sprinkle on top of hot charcoal to burn.

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